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Limited Edition 1 of 100 "Oh dear I am coming"

Limited Edition 1 of 100 "Oh dear I am coming"

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Best believe I am coming... 

Limited edition 1 of 100 "Oh dear I am coming" inspired by Porsche GT3RS and ones ability to keep coming after all of the dream and goals that they set. Daily Acrylic reminder for YOU to keep going:

do whatever it takes no matter what happens in your life and show the durability of Porsche GT3RS and never stop even when you have disadvantage compared to others. 

GT3RS is an absolute champion within its own category with less horsepower manages to outperform at Nurburgring elite competitors like: Huracan Performante, AMG GT Black Series, Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari 296 GTB and even Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. 

Setting time at nothing but stunning: 6 minutes 44 seconds and 85 milliseconds.

Porsche 911 GT3RS 992 has set us an example: where on sharp turns of track behind which stands unknown to never let go of acceleration and send it full throttle on each and every single one of those fucking turns without hesitation or fear. When other cars crashed on the same turns trying to replicate the speed of this art. Porsche did one thing.Took it like a champ. Pulled it off. Every. Single. Time. Never looked back again. Here you can see the glorious back side of GT3RS that inspired this acrylic painting. Specially put together for you at Zuffenhausen, Germany.


Be like Porsche GT3RS my dear friend. Be like Porsche. GT3RS.

Oh Dear, 

You Best Fucking Believe.

I Am Coming...


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